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About FanShout

What is FanShout?

At it’s most basic form, FanShout is a mobile app that connects celebrities with the fans they care about most. We created a platform where fans send messages to their favorite stars, and stars send video messages back! We’re all about authentic connectivity, we want stars to connect with their fans, and vice versa.

FanShout allows fans to stand out from the crowd on other social media platforms, and finally be noticed by the stars they love. You will experience the best form of communication, a genuine connection, where the celeb will read your words, creating a special bond that is authentic. This is your chance to tell a celeb something that will make them smile! Of course, the Fanshout the celeb sends back is yours to keep forever. They never expire, and you can share them with all your friends and family!

The best part about FanShout, is that celebrities and fans can finally join together to celebrate important days. Is it someone special’s birthday? Send a FanShout. Is it someone’s anniversary? Send them a FanShout! Want to congratulate someone on a big accomplishment? Send a FanShout!!! You couldn’t give a more thoughtful gift. For just about any occasion you can send a FanShout create a memory that will last forever!