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FanShout FAQ


What if I order a FanShout, and the celebrity never responds?

You will receive a full refund, 100% of your money, no questions asked.

My favorite star is not on FanShout yet, what do I do?

The first step is to Tweet out an invite. Everyday we reach out to hundreds of celebrities, and encourage them to join our platform and interact with their ultimate fans. Our goal, put simply is connectivity, we want to bring celebrities and fans together in an authentic way!

How do celebrities fulfill their orders?

All member celebrities have an exclusive FanShout™ app on iPhone and Android, which notifies them of an order as soon as it’s requested. Further, they see your script, know who it’s for and for what occasion! This helps them record your custom message, and “freestyle” if it seems appropriate!

What happens if my video request is rejected?

You will receive an email with your celebrity’s reason for rejection. Reasons for rejection include: unacceptable script, unclear script, inappropriate content, or a celebrity could be just plain busy. Please feel free to re-submit another request if your first gets rejected for some reason. FanShout encourages all sorts of messages, from birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, congratulations, or even just for fun. FanShouts work for just about any occasion!

How long does it take?

Of course, no two FanShouts are ever the same, as they are custom-recorded for your enjoyment! Some celebrities will respond immediately, others may take longer. Either way, if your FanShout is for a special occasion, like a birthday, you can put a due date and the celebrity will know how much time they have before they send it back!

How will I be notified when my video is ready?

We deliver every video securely to you via e-mail and in your secure online profile. If you have any questions you may call our 24 hour customer service hotline at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Are my FanShout’s public?

We encourage you to share them with your friends and family, either in private communication, or, if you’d like them to be, you can select yours to be shared on the official FanShout™ YouTube channel. Of course, you can always decide to keep your FanShout private and just between you and your celebrity.


Why can I only Login with Twitter and not Facebook, or my own custom login ?

Since twitter is such an important social media tool for the FanShout platform, for version 1.0 the easiest login method is through your twitter account. It was through twitter that you registered (and/or were authenticated) on FanShout, and this keeps it simple (and is one less password to remember). Your fans follow you on twitter so this is the most direct social media platform to introduce them to your presence on FanShout.

Does FanShout post anything on my Facebook timeline or tweet out anything when I produce FanShouts?

We do not. When joining the FanShout platform we ask you to tweet to your fans that you are available on FanShout. It is up to you if you want to "tweet" that you just completed a FanShout. It may be an effective reminder to your twitter and Facebook followers that you are available to create custom FanShouts

Can my agent and lawyer review the FanShouts I created before they are sent out ?

Yes, when you become a featured personality on FanShout, under the Terms of Service ("TOS") that you are (were) presented you have the ability to require management approval of "User Submissions" and Content. Please see the Special Terms for Managers Section of the TOS. There is not a control feature or option on the FanShout app itself. The app is designed to be very elegant and simple to use.

Where do I find my "Orders" ?

As soon as you open FanShout on your mobile device, the "My Orders" page will open. The screen will show up to 7 orders that are waiting to be filled or "pending". Additional orders may be accessed by scrolling down the "My Orders" page. You may refresh the orders page by tapping the refresh indicator button located in the upper right-hand corner of the app. When you complete an order it will no longer be visible under "My Orders".

What if I can not pronounce the name on the order ?

As soon as you click on an order, the script with appear under "Order Details" (unless the order allows for you to "surprise" the person and record what you wish). After deciding to record the FanShout, the script and camera will appear along with the phonetic spelling for the recipient.

When I reject an order, what am I to type into the 'Reject" screen ? And where does that information go ?

When you open an order you will proceed to the "Order Details" page. If you encounter a script that is objectionable for any reason, you may hit the "reject" button to the lower left, next to the record button. That will take you to the "Reject" screen where you may type in notes as to why the script was objectionable. These notes are private and available only to the system administrator at FanShout. These notes WILL NOT be sent to the person placing the order. FanShout has created and formatted a standard rejection letter that is emailed to the customer.

Can I review the FanShout I just recorded ?

Yes of course. As soon as you hit the "Done" button and finish recording the FanShout you will be prompted to review the FanShout by tapping the play indicator icon (play or "right-arrow" button surrounded by a circle).

At that point you have three options: "Send", "Reshoot", or "Cancel" the process all together. By Selecting "Cancel" you return to the main menu or the "My Orders" page.

Why are FanShouts on 540 characters or about 15 seconds long ?

We limit the number of characters to produce scripts of about 15 seconds; which is based on research from the Stanford Research Institute that suggests 15 seconds is the "sweet spot" in video for both viewers and creators. Viewers get plenty of information (but not so much that they lose interest) and even the most camera-shy video creators can comfortably fill 15 seconds.

What does the twitter button do, located between the Orders button and the Preferences on the bottom ?

It is a quick notification message that is "ready-made" for you if you decide to let your followers know you just created a FanShout. It does not send out a link to the FanShout you just created. You may change, or add to this scripted tweet, or select not to tweet at all. It is up to you how you interact with your fans. Should you want to remind your fans to find you on FanShout, we made it simple and built that onto the platform.

What is the "My Preferences" for on the bottom of the screen ?

Under Settings you will see that you have only two settings to choose or to decide upon. "Allow Notifications" will not 'spam" you with unnecessary information, but it will alert you to app-specific information and updates, when the FanShout app is undated or ungraded. The "WiFi Upload Only" option is very important. We encourage you to become familiar with that feature as it may save time when uploading the FanShout you have created. When WiFI Only is selected or is "On", the app is being instructed to wait to upload individual or bulk FanShouts when your phone is connected to a WiFi network. For example, you may create FanShouts during idle time at an airport, but wait until you return home and are securely logged on to your home network before sending the video files to our servers, for further distribution to the client. So once you have completed a custom FanShout, and hit "send"; the "My Orders" page will change the status of the that order from "Pending" to "Waiting to Upload".

Will the Upload happen automatically once I log onto a WiFi Network, or do I have to hit send again ?

It will upload automatically once you are logged on to a WiFi network.

Should I logout when I am done recording my FanShouts ?

It is entirely up to you. You may log out under the My Preferences page where it says "Actions", or close down the app entirely from running in the background on your phone.