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Privacy Policy

What this privacy statement covers

This privacy statement tells you about our privacy practices for our websites, products, online and web services, and apps that include a link or reference to this statement. It also tells you about our marketing and advertising practices, and applies to our offline practices. In this statement we will refer to our products, online and web services and apps as “applications.” Some of our websites and applications may display supplemental privacy or data collection notices that we share so you can make informed choices about what you want to do when you review the notices. For example, you may see a notice explaining data collection practices for an application, and your choices for participating. In special cases, websites and applications may have their own privacy policies. For example, we may buy another company to expand our business, and need some time to integrate the company’s privacy practices with ours.

Third parties (such as social media platforms or other company websites that we link to from our websites and applications) are responsible for their own privacy practices. Be sure to read the privacy policies, supplemental notices, and settings of all websites or platforms that you visit so you can understand their privacy practices and your options.

Some websites and applications are subject to additional terms such as our website terms of use, terms of service, and software license agreements. Please read the terms that apply to the website or application you are using. These terms can help answer questions you may have about the confidentiality and security of designs and other content you create, and the effect of sharing and posting of content by you.